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Dr. Geoffrey P. Thomas



During my undergraduate career at Tulane University I began as a pre-med student, until I discovered physical anthropology. The subject matter itself fascinated me, and the enthusiasm and dedication of my professors was contagious. I took as many classes as I could, which quickly led me to change my major. As I progressed through the program, I discovered my passion for the subject and for teaching. I thrived on and looked forward to giving class presentations of my research to my professors and classmates. It was through these experiences that I developed my desire to become a dedicated researcher and teacher.

In 2005, I completed the 4+1 program at Tulane University earning my Bachelors and Masters Degrees. In 2007 I began the PhD program at Florida State University under Frank Marlowe and Lynne Schepartz. In 2008 I began research on limb asymmetry with the adult Windover sample and during the summer of 2009 I expanded my dataset to include the adults and subadults from Windover, Indian Knoll, Pickwick Basin, and Mississippian samples. This research then formed the basis of my dissertation, which I completed and successfully defended in 2011 – earning my Doctoral degree.

Since the Fall of 2011 I have been a Specialized Assistant in Anthropology, teaching 3 courses per semester. I am also the Co-Director of the Maritime Woodland along Florida’s Gulf Coast Archaeology Project.


You can read more about Dr. Thomas’s accomplishments on his FSU Anthropology Faculty Page.



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